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The Secret to Consistent Shooting

December 8, 2017


The secret to shooting consistently is simply consistent shooting! (You didn't really think there was a "secret" did you?) Actually, that's not entirely true. I should say the secret to consistently shooting WELL is consistent shooting. If you want to shoot consistently BAD then there isn't really anything you need to do! I hear players complain all the time about how they just can't put the ball in the basket, that their release doesn't feel right, how they have absolutely no control of the ball and how their shot is completely broke. So what do many of them do? They go to the gym and shoot 1000 shots - and then don't work on their shot for another week for two.


That's like someone complaining that they are overweight so they cut out all fast food and sugar out of their diet for a day. Then a couple weeks later they look in the mirror and realize they are still overweight so they "diet" for another day. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? To shoot the ball consistently well you have to develop the proper mechanics and muscle memory and the best way to do that is to shoot every day! Not just once a week; not just once a month, and certainly not just the night before your school tryouts are held.


If you are serious about being a good shooter then you should shoot every day you eat! Being too busy is not really a valid excuse because if you don't have time to get in a full workout then you can still squeeze in the following form shooting workout.


1.From a few feet away use only one hand and shoot at least 10 shots off the side of the backboard. Concentrate on using correct shot mechanics and perfect form. Since the width of the backboard is not very wide you will have to focus on hitting a smaller target which will get you concentrating right away. If the ball hits dead center it will come straight back to you but if your aim is slightly off the ball will bounce off to one side or the other.


2.When you are done with this continue to use only one hand and make 10 shots from three different spots - just off of the big block on both sides and from the middle of the paint. Again, concentrate on making every shot perfect.


3.Once you have made those 30 shots go back around the three spots and repeat the drill but this time every made shot needs to be a swish. If it hits the rim at all it doesn't count!


4.Before leaving pick one of the three spots (or two or three if you have the time) and make 10 shots with your eyes closed. By the time you start this part of the drill you should have made 70 shots with correct mechanics and perfect form so you should have at least a little muscle memory stored up.


Completing this simple series of shots will take only a few minutes so there is really no reason why you can't do it nearly every day. On those days when you find that you have more time use this form shooting drill as your warm up and it will make your regular shooting workout even that more effective.


If you want to be a great shooter you just have to remember two words - Every Day!

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