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Part-5 How to become a better basketball player, according to NBA legends

November 9, 2017

Mental Toughness


Gilbert Arenas - Former Washington Wizards guard



"Basketball is all mental," says eccentric guard Gilbert Arenas. "Everyone's talent is the same, but the mental aspect separates stars from superstars." Heed his advice and be as tough upstairs as this former clutch shooter.


Redirect Your Energy 


"My confidence got hurt coming into the league [Arenas was drafted 31st overall in the second round; he expected to go higher], but after seeing an old highlight tape, I realized that it's just basketball. I put all my frustration and energy into basketball for two weeks. I did it, and I got to play, and I just decided that [my intensity] is what got me on [the team], and this is what's going to keep me on it."


Find a Training Partner


"You need someone to challenge you, because it keeps you motivated. He's going to make you work hard for what you do. You need somebody like that."


The Psychology of Game Winners


"When we play pickup games, I won't shoot the ball until it's the last shot," says Arenas. "I'm the only one who's going to take it all the way until we lose or we win. I've been doing that for the last three years. You have to have that mind-set: If you don't make it, you have to live with it. As many shots as Michael Jordan's made, he's missed three times as many."

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