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Part-4 How to become a better basketball player, according to NBA legends

November 9, 2017



Leandro Barbosa - Phoenix Suns guard



Leandro Barbosa, "the Brazilian Blur," previously won the Sixth Man Award earlier in his career, partly because he's proven himself to be faster than just about anybody in the NBA. His experience will help improve your speed.


Take Up Soccer


"When I was a kid, I used to play soccer without shoes on the street. I don't have a lot of ball-handling skills like Steve Nash, but my thing is just to get the ball down the court and score. Soccer really helped me develop my quick feet."


In the Gym


"I don't do a lot of upper-body stuff, but I do leg presses, Romanian deadlifts, and some other lower-body work every day. I also try to do exercises while I'm wearing a weighted shirt. People say it can be bad for your knees, but I do a lot of exercises with it on to keep my legs strong. Sometimes, I'll just walk around the locker room with it on. Then, when I take it off, I can really feel the difference."

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