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Drills to Improve Shooting Off the Dribble and Off of Screens

October 31, 2017


One thing that often separates a scorer from a shooter is his ability to shoot off the move.

Shooting off the move can either consist of using one or two dribbles to set up a pull up jumper or coming off the screen, getting the feet properly set and taking the shot.


Today I want to share with you a training plan that you can use to improve your "screen" shooting.

(The theory of training I'm about to describe is called "segmental" training and is also known as "whole-part-whole" training.)



Warm-up your body both physically and mentally by taking 10 total shots mimicking coming off a screen and stepping into your shot.


Take 5 shots each from both sides of the floor.


Make sure that while on each side of the court that you are taking 5 shots stepping into the ball with your right foot and 5 shots stepping into the ball with your left foot.


Don't get aggravated if the ball isn't going in initially. The goal of this segment is to get your body comfortable with the movement. (1-2 minutes)



Form Shooting -

Shoot approximately 12 shots with perfect form from about 3-5 feet away from the basket. It's extremely important to focus on having perfect form! One thing that I put extra emphasis on is the follow through. Hold your follow through until the ball goes into the rim! By over emphasizing this aspect of your shot there will be a better chance of carryover once the actual workout starts. (1-2 minutes)


Form Catching -

Many athletes today complain about not being able to "jump" during their shot. As a consequence these athletes never really develop a true jump shot but more or less of a set shot instead. In my opinion one of the reasons this takes place is because athletes don't catch the basketball with their knees bent. To drill this skill, spin the ball to yourself and then step into the ball while dropping down into a triple threat position. To end the drill raise the ball to its release point as if you were going to take a shot. Do this 5-8 times while reminding yourself to always "Play low to high." (1-2 minutes)


Form Footwork -

Most coaches will tell you that being able to get open when coming off a screen is the direct result of your ability to set up your defender before you actually use the screen. To set up the drill place a chair at the elbow with the seat of the chair facing the three point line. Rest a ball in the chair. YOU start at the block facing the top of the key. Take two steps towards the middle of the key before exploding out around the imaginary screen as tight as possible. Continue sprinting until you reach the chair and the grab the ball off the seat. Execute 5 times per side. (1-2 minutes)



now that you have broken down all the individual aspects of the entire shot it's time to perform your shooting routine. Work on taking various shots off primarily down screens and flare screens. Make sure to shoot from both sides of the floor so you can perfect the proper footwork. Your goal should be to get 50 - 70 shots up which is approximately 5-7 shots a minute. Everything must be done at game speed and again keep telling yourself to play low to high. (10-12 minutes)

In just 20 minutes you have put in a legit shooting workout. Not only did you get in over 100 total shots but you also worked on your improving your shooting technique and footwork fundamentals.

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