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How to Master the In-and-Out Dribble

September 8, 2017

The In-and-Out dribble is a 1-on-1 move that can be used as a misdirection in the half court and in the open floor during the transition to get past a defender or set up another dribble move.


The In-and-Out or "Fake Crossover" is a quick and compact move that will get your defender off balance by making them think you are changing directions and crossing the ball over before you shift the ball and your body back in the other direction. This move is effective in putting your defender out of position and allowing you to get a step on them, and it is also very hard to steal or deflect because the ball remains in one hand and does not travel relatively far.


How to Perform the In-And-Out Dribble



This move can be performed in a low, athletic stance or in a taller position while you are running, but either way the move itself is the same. For this example we will assume you are making the move with your right hand.

  • While dribbling with the ball in your right hand, place your hand on the side of the ball and start to push it across your body (make sure that your hand does not go under the ball which would result in a carry)

  • One of the most important factors of the Fake Crossover is that you sell the move with your head, eyes and your left leg. So as you are bringing the ball across your body you want to take a hard step out with your left foot and look to your left with your eyes and head as if you were actually changing directions.

  • Then you will push off your left foot and cut back to the right while you shift your hand over the ball onto the left side and push the ball back to the right.


In-and-Out Dribble Drills



The following drills will help you learn and master the In-and-Out.


  • Start in an athletic stance with the ball in your right hand.

  • Take one normal dribble and when the ball comes back to your hand perform an In-and-Out dribble and step with your left foot.

  • Continuously alternate between the normal and In-and-Out dribbles.

  • Perform 50 In-and-Outs with each hand.


On the move
  • Start on the base line, and while jogging at a controlled pace in a straight line up the court, take two dribbles ahead then perform an In-and-Out while continuing to move.

  • Continue this pattern up the entire length of the court and back two times with each hand.


  • Set up a chair at the top of the key on the 3-point line.

  • Start with the ball a few feet back from the chair.

  • Dribble into the chair and perform a simple In-and-Out, or after making this initial move add a combination move such as a crossover, between the legs or behind the back.

  • Make your move or your combo and dribble past the chair for a finish at the rim or a pull-up jump shot.

  • Make 10 shots going to each side of the chair for 20 total makes.




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