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Improve Your Ball Handling While Watching TV

September 1, 2017




The player inside you wants to work on your game but the fan inside you wants to watch the NBA playoffs. What should you do? Why not do both!


Get a chair and plant it right in front of the TV and start watching the game. Then every time there is a time out in the action pick up your ball and work on one of the following ball handling drills:


Tim Hardaway's 

Tim Hardaway had one of the best crossovers in the history of the game. When he was in college everyone called the move the "UTEP Two Step," but once he got to the NBA it became widely known as the "Killer Crossover." Sit on the edge of your chair with your knees together. Start with the ball in your right hand and start dribbling as far away from your body as possible. The dribbles should be as fast and as low as possible. In fact the goal is to never let the ball come up higher than your ankle.


After 25 low, hard, dribble, cross the ball over between your legs and the front of the chair and dribble 25 times with your left hand. Repeat as many times as possible and keep striving to dribble lower and faster each and every time.


Pistol Pete's 

It's possible that no one has ever handled the ball better than Pistol Pete Maravich. Pete used to do this drill standing up but you can do it in a chair. Sit on the edge of your chair and spread your knees out fairly wide. Hold the ball in both hands in the space just above your knees. Drop the ball between your legs and then move your hands as fast as possible down behind your legs so you can catch the ball before it hits the ground. If the ball hits the ground you start over, but if you catch it then flip it back up and catch it again above your knees. Go as quickly as you can while still keeping the ball under control.


Curly Neal's Harlem Globetrotter legend Curly Neal used to lie down on the court and dribble the ball all around his body while a frustrated Washington General unsuccessfully chased it. You can do the same thing while sitting in your chair. Start by dribbling the ball as quickly as possible around your right leg three times and then switch hands and dribble it around your left leg three times. When you've done that dribble the ball in a figure eight pattern around both legs.


Start with the ball in your right hand and dribble it over the top of your right leg, cross over, and then dribble it behind your left leg, and then up and over the top of your left leg. Cross over again and then dribble it behind your right leg and back up to the top. Once you master the figure eight, sit in the chair with your knees close together and dribble the ball in one big circle. Start the ball even with your waist, dribble up and around your legs, switch hands and then dribble the ball all the way around your back until you have to switch hands again. Keep repeating as many times as possible.


When working on these drills watch as much TV as possible. In other words, look at the screen and not at the ball! If you want to add even more options to your workout then do 25 pushups every time a car commercial comes and 25 crunches every time a there is a commercial for fast food.

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