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April 11, 2017


Starting a new series where I'll be doing brief breakdowns of some of the best shooters in the NBA (and NCAA) whose names you don't hear too often.
- - - -
First up: CJ Miles
- - - -
1️⃣Release Point: the first thing that stands out when I watch CJ Miles is how HIGH his release point is. CJ is already 6'6", but with his high release point, his shot is nearly impossible to block (or even contest effectively). Because he has such a high release point, that means the ball has to travel LESS distance: shorter distance=easier shot. This is a major advantage, thought you shouldn't rush to move your set point & release point up if you're not tall, long and athletic like CJ. Tailor your shot to YOUR anatomy (shorter players should shoot quicker with a lower release point, like Steph).
2️⃣Shot line: there are very few players in the league who have better alignment than CJ Miles. Notice how I was able to draw a straight line from his left toe all the way up to his shooting wrist. His shooting arm is almost perfectly straight, which is also rare (pretty much every player in the league who keeps their elbow in like this is an elite shooter; I wonder why 🤔). Because of this CJ hardly ever misses left or right.
3️⃣The Turn: I'm not sure why, but lefties seem to have a distinct advantage in this area. His slight turn allows his elbow to stay tucked in while keeping his shot line straight. I find that a slight turn also alleviates tension throughout the body.
- - - -
Whose shot should I break down next? #perfectj

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