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The 5 C's of Scoring

April 11, 2017


Defense wins championships. I get it - sort of.


I fully understand that in order to win games you can't let your opponent score at will but I also realize that shutouts in basketball are extremely rare. Therefore, even if you do happen to keep your opponents from scoring a single point you still have to score in order to win!


Here's something else to consider. Let's say my team is playing in the championship game. If I can score 15 points but give up 5 points to my man then I'm still 10 points ahead. If everyone on my team can do that then we win.


However, if I give up only 3 points to my man (better defense than the first example) but can score only 2 points myself then I am 1 point behind. If everyone on my team does that then we lose. In the second scenario great defense would not win the championship!


Like it or not, the team that scores the most points wins the game and that make offensive scoring ability extremely important. Therefore, you must be able to score more points than your defense gives up in order to win. With that in mind here are the 5 C's of scoring:



The highest scoring teams and individuals are always in great shape. Teams that are in better shape than their opponents might see the game close for the first three quarters and then suddenly go on a huge scoring spurt once fatigue becomes a factor. Players in great shape can play more productive minutes and more minutes usually means more points. Their legs stay strong so their field goal and free throw attempts aren't short. The extra energy lets them get to the ball quicker when going after offensive rebounds and allows them to fill the open lane on every fast break.



There's a huge difference between being confident and being delusional. True confidence is based on performance. I am confident I can make an open three pointer because I've already made thousands and thousands of them. A team is confident that they can execute their offense properly because they've done it over and over and over in practice. Being confident you can score will help you win games while only hoping you can score will not.



Great offensive players and teams are great night in and night out. The best players don't shoot well only every other game or every couple games and the best teams don't execute correctly on a sporadic basis. Look at the best teams in your league or region. Chances are you already know you are going to have to play well when you play them weeks from now. Why?

Because you know they are going to play well and they are going to score. They are consistent.



Many people feel that communication is only necessary on defense. Wrong! Listening and asking pertinent question during timeouts, demanding the ball in the post, calling out plays and sets loudly and clearly, and raising a hand when coming to set a pick are just a few examples of communication that can improve scoring ability.



Most coaches place a major emphasis on defense and the majority of their scouting reports are centered on how they are going to defend the scoring abilities of their next opponent. How are you going to score if the defense takes away your signature scoring move or your best set play? Hopefully you have at least one "Plan B" to fall back on and that takes commitment. A commitment to be better tomorrow than you are today. A commitment to expand your offensive arsenal so no one team or individual can take away everything Without a strong commitment the other 4 C's won't get you as far as you want to go.


It doesn't matter if you are a player or a coach, if you want to score more points make sure the 5 C's are evident in everything that you do.

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