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April 11, 2017


Jason Kapono is one of my favorite shooters ever. This won't be a long post, I just want to point out the one thing that he did better than (arguably) any shooter in NBA history: his alignment.
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Here we have 3 pictures all at different moments throughout his shot. Notice how at each stage, his elbow is DIRECTLY under the ball. You literally could not have better elbow alignment. In the bottom right, he's at his set point. Top right, he's about a millisecond further into his motion, just a couple inches higher. Lastly, the photo on the left is at the moment of release. Pay attention to how Kapono leans slightly forward with his right shoulder rather than having a square chest, allowing him to align himself perfectly with his elbow IN and the ball just north of his shooting eye. If his feet and shoulders were completely square to the rim, in order to have his elbow in like this, his set point would have to be significantly off to the right of his face (think Matt Bonner).
- - - -
His shot truly is a thing of beauty. No wonder he won back to back 3 point contests. #perfectj 

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