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April 11, 2017


Here's a question I get a lot: does your elbow HAVE to form a 90 degree angle?
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The answer: NO. Most players do not have an exact 90 degree arm angle. You don't HAVE to shoot any particular way. However, the closer you are to 90 degrees, the better off you are. Here we have 2 of the best shooters in the NBA, Marco & Klay, and they both have (almost) perfect 90 degree angles. This isn't necessarily something you should actively focus on, it tends to happen naturally when you get everything else right (set point above the eye, elbow in, etc). It is, however, important that you have a ~90 degree angle OR LESS. You can't generate enough power or be accurate enough without a significant enough bend in your elbow. Most smaller players (Steph included) have a <90 degree angle. The smaller the angle, and the closer the ball is to your face at your set point, the more power you'll be able to generate. I would say I have an 85-90 degree angle in my arm at my set point, and this helps me to be able to shoot from very long range.
- - - -
Again, in the end, this isn't something you should stress about; It's likely that you don't need to worry about this at all. As an example, Deandre Jordan is a player then has an awful angle at his set point. He sets the ball WAY too high, leading to instability in his release and decreased power. For a 7 footer, you may think that wouldn't matter. But don't underestimate the important of proper mechanics! #perfectj 

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