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7 Common Offensive Mistakes Made in Basketball

September 4, 2017



You can be the most athletic, talented basketball player in the world but if you don't know how to execute and play the game the way it should be, you'll struggle.


There are players all over out there that are extremely gifted and as far as street-ball and pick-up games go, they dominate. The problem for some of them though is the fact that they never really had the patience to learn how to play in a system and excel in an organized league. Don't be that type of player.


Continue to work on your skills but don't forget to study the game and improve your basketball intelligence. Coaches want smart players on the floor that don't make a lot of mistakes. If you're making mistakes you're riding the bench and not accomplishing anything.


This article touches on 7 of the most common mistakes players will make on offense. If you can cut down on these mistakes you'll be well on your way to getting more playing time so that you can showcase your skills.


#1 Too Much Dribble

It is much better to use the pass to advance the ball on offense. Never develop the habit of automatically dribbling once the ball comes to you. Look to pass to the open man first!


#2 Misuse of the Cross-Court Pass

A cross-court pass can be very helpful to an offense, especially when attacking a zone defense. It's also very dangerous and more often than not it is thrown prematurely and results in a turnover. If there is any doubt whatsoever, DON'T THROW IT!


#3 Taking too Early of a Shot

It can be very tempting sometimes to grab a rebound and then run down and spot up for an open three. The problem is it's not usually very smart. When the opposition has two or three defenders under the basket with good position and you still have teammates making their way down the court, it's just not a good shot to take. Slow it down and get in your offense. Make the defense work and give your team at least a chance to get an offensive rebound.


#4 Failure to Come to the Ball

When the defense is pressuring one of your teammates after they have picked up their dribble you must come to the ball to enable them to make the pass. Don't make cuts, don't go backdoor, come to the ball.


#5 Standing Still

Some players have only one thing that keeps them from being a dominant player and that is not knowing how to move without the ball. A good offensive player is constantly moving and looking to get into position to receive the ball. Don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off just make your defender work. Make cuts to the basket, come off screens aggressively and move around.


#6 Forcing Passes into the Post

It's always great to move the ball inside to your post players but too often the ball is thrown away while doing so. Make certain before the pass is thrown that it will not be deflected or stolen away. You can always move the ball around the perimeter until a post player opens up and there is no risk making the pass.


#7 Forgetting Plays/Offensive Sets

Forgetting a play or setting up in the wrong offense set once a season is somewhat acceptable. Forgetting a couple times per game is pathetic and will likely land you on the bench. You have to be aware of what's going on in the game at all times. If you have to constantly be reminded of what's going on, then you are a liability to your team. Your coach cannot afford to take the risk of having you on the floor causing chaos.



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