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What Makes Steph Such a Great Shooter?

September 4, 2017


Not just one of the greatest shooters in the game today, but probably of all time- this is way overdue. Steph's ability to get into the mechanics of his shot in such a limited amount of time speak volumes to the work he puts in that not everybody has the chance to see. Even while off balance Steph's general mechanics tend to fall in line making him dangerous from anywhere on the floor.


1. Feet staggered. Some argue that you should be square but some of the greatest shooters stagger their feet. This proves to be effective in lining up your feet with your hip and elbow. It also allows a shooter to gain more range/power. 

2. 90 degree elbow placement and hand directly underneath the ball (some will say "Palm shooter!" but it's the next image that matters most. 

3. Ball coming off of Steph's finger tips and guide hand showing no interference in the flight of the basketball. 

4. Elbow fully extended and follow through is pointed straight down. While all great shooters drop their hands from time to time it is important to know that they all, like steph, reach this point of complete extension before doing so. If you're still developing your shot I would advise you to continue to exaggerate the follow through.

❓❓Is Steph the greatest shooter of all time? If not, who is❓❓

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