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The Dangers of Being Too Good Too Early at Basketball

November 15, 2017


This might seem like an odd title to an article targeting an audience looking to become good at the game of basketball. After all, you are trying to become the best you can be so you might be asking yourself "why in the world is there danger in being too good? Isn't that what I'm striving for?"


Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a dominant basketball player at a young age. In fact, if you are really good at a young age you have a huge advantage over your peers and you should consider yourself lucky. However, there IS a dark-side to being really good at an early age that doesn't get talked about very often.


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of having a long basketball discussion with one of the better High School coaches in America today. The Coach I'm referring to is Robert Smith of Simeon High School in Chicago, Illinois. Simeon is one of the best programs in the country and every year is loaded to the gills with talent. Many players have gone on from Simeon to play in the NBA and every year they have a handful of players that go on to play Division I college ball.


NBA rookie of the year Derrick Rose played under Coach Smith at Simeon a few years back and some of the things that Coach Smith was telling me about Derrick's rise to the top really hit home with the topic of this article. He said when Derrick was in the 6th or 7th grade he wasn't really on the map like a few other kids in the Chicago area were.


He said that the first time he saw Derrick play was when he went to watch a game involving another kid that was getting all the hype around Chicago. He said that about mid-way through the game he began to realize that this Derrick Rose kid could develop into a better player than the superstar kid that was getting all the hype.


Coach Smith of course ended up being right. Derrick Rose had an amazing High School career, went on to be the best college basketball player in the nation the next year and then won the NBA's Rookie of the Year Award last year.


The point I'm trying to make is that every year in every area of the country there are really talented kids that get pegged as the next superstar to come out of their area and more times than not they get passed up. It could be at the Jr. High level that they get passed up, sometimes it's during High School and sometimes it's that first year or two in college.


Sometimes when I hear about a young player getting a lot of recognition I feel sorry for them. It sounds strange I know but I've just seen it happen too many times. Most kids aren't mature enough psychologically to handle all the attention and don't see the world as it really is. This ultimately stunts their growth and they end up with a lot of regret as they enter adulthood.

If you happen to be a really talented young player don't let this confuse you or get you down. Be proud of what you have accomplished and keep working hard. If you follow the advice in the next part of this article you WILL go on to meet your goals and turn out to be the player you and everyone else thought you'd be. It's those players that aren't reading this article that are in trouble!


Look outside your community. This is one that gets really talented players from smaller towns in trouble all the time. If you are really good and live in a small town it's easy to get a big head. You get so use to dominating most of the other kids in your area you start to think that all competition is as inferior as everyone in your community.


You've got to constantly remind yourself that no matter how good you are in your area there are kids in surrounding areas of you that are better. You can't just be satisfied playing at the level of competition in your area. You should get out and try to play in AAU leagues or get involved in tournaments in bigger regions on a regular basis. This way it will always be fresh in your memory how many other good players there are out there and that if you don't keep giving it all you've got you'll get left in the dust.


Realize that life as an athlete in Jr. High and High School isn't reality. In most areas around the country the kids that dominate in school sports are somewhat idolized. They are very popular in most cases and get a lot of attention. If you find yourself in these shoes right now, great. There's nothing wrong with enjoying this time but you really need to realize that when you are done with school these days will come to a screeching halt and you'll soon realize just how unimportant you are. I know that sounds harsh bit it is what it is. Don't think that because you are the highlight of your school newspaper that you are destined for greatness, you need to keep working harder than ever so that when you graduate you can stay competitive with all the other thousands of athletes that were worshipped in their schools and now looking to compete at the next level.


Don't underestimate the power of hunger. Imagine for a second two similar animals hunting for food. One had a very good lunch a few hours ago and the other hasn't eaten in 2 days. Who do you think is going to fight harder for the food? Yes of course, the hungrier animal. How does this apply to basketball? Let me explain.


Many young players get really good early on and forget what it's like to hunger for greatness. They start to move past their peers and when they get far enough ahead it's easy for them to start to relax. I've seen situations where kids were so further ahead of everyone their age as freshman it's not even funny and then by the time they are a senior they have been passed up. All because the other kids were a lot hungrier and were working their tails off.


It's easy to get content when things are going good. Never ever underestimate how badly other kids want to surpass your ability and be recognized as the great player on the floor. Let that be a constant motivator in taking your game to a level nobody can match.

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