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What do I mean by Alignment?

September 4, 2017


I posted a quick breakdown of Devin Booker's "alignment" in regard to his shot. Here i have illustrated just exactly what i am referring to. The elbow, hip, and right foot are all completely in line with one another. I often preach to kids "where your shooting elbow and dominant foot are pointed, that is the direction the ball is most likely going to travel." Keeping everything in line limits variability from shot to shot and is a good point of reference when you're going over your own checklist as to why you are or are not making shots. The 2nd picture is coming from a different angle and shows the 90 degree elbow being in line with the right foot and running parallel to the ground. ⚠️⚠️This is how i teach somebody who has not already developed a consistent method of shooting. As always, there will be exceptions⚠️⚠️

❓What are your thoughts on alignment? Is it necessary❓

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