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Quick breakdown of, in my opinion, the best 3 point shooter in the country this year!

September 4, 2017


(Kennard is a close 2nd), and why his shot is so lethal.

- - - -

1. Nearly perfect elbow alignment. Elbow is directly under the center of the ball.


2. Guide hand completely straight and comes off just before the release.


3. Head stays COMPLETELY still (a lot of players turn their heads or twist their necks).


4. Very natural base that's more narrow than wide (feet are typically hip-width apart and

start to come closer together in the air. I believe this helps with fluidity). He also gets a good 30-or-so inch jump on each jumpshot. Normally I don't advise jumping so high because it's harder to repeat the same way every day and it expends more energy than necessary, but he's a great athlete and it works for him (also makes his shot nearly impossible to block).


5. Beautiful wrist snap, fingers stay fairly straight, and hand points straight rather than out to the side. His arm is also fully extended on the follow through and he has a fantastic, high release angle.


Nearly picturesque...

By. @Perfectj

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