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The Lamelo Ball Breakdown

September 4, 2017


I will admit that I don't know much about Lamelo's game beyond the few highlights that I've seen here and there. I've gotten a bunch of messages asking me to highlight his shooting here it is.

If you can look past the elbow and hand placement, his finish is pretty standard. Ball comes off of his finger tips and his follow through is usually extended. When it comes to that elbow and the shooting hand where it is...I couldn't begin to tell you how it works or why it works. Falling in line with the breakdown I did for his brother, Lonzo, what matters here is that it's working. Once again, I would never teach a kid to shoot this way, but if it works for Lamelo then at the end of the day that is all that matters. I have my personal beliefs in the proper mechanics when it comes to shooting...but I'm also not somebody who can argue with results. ❓❓What are your thoughts on Lamelos form?❓❓

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