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A tip I promise you've never heard before

September 4, 2017

Here's a tip I promise you've never heard before that I constantly give to players who then implement it and see immediate results


I believe in holding the follow through HIGH and TIGHT. By this, I mean your shooting and guide hands should NOT drift apart after the release. Notice how after releasing, Redick's hands are the same distance apart as when the ball was still in his hands. His shooting arm is fully extended and he has a great, HIGH release angle.


On the contrary, Deandre's hands and arms are very far apart, and his shooting elbow is not locked. This kind of loose release/follow through makes it more difficult to keep the shot straight. Players that have a HIGH and TIGHT follow through include Steph, Kyrie, Klay, Kyle Korver and Bradley Beal.

This is one of my personal shooting secrets that I implemented several years back that I believe to be a major key to great shooting.


P.S. I know Deandre Jordan is an awful shooter and shouldn't be compared to Redick. It's just to illustrate a point...

By. @PerfectJ


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