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September 4, 2017



Read carefully, because this is the best tip I have to IMMEDIATELY improve your shot, and it's one I PROMISE you haven't heard before...


If you look back at the great shooters of the 80's/90's, you'll struggle to find one who holds ONLY their shooting hand up on their follow through. 4 of the best shooters in history (Kerr, Price, Bird, Miller) NEVER dropped their guide hand on their follow through. Here is the key point I'm about to make...BOTH ARMS WORK TOGETHER DURING THE SHOT AND FOLLOW THROUGH.


When players drop their guide hand and hold their follow through with just one hand, the hand tends to drift off to the side (and thus is no longer pointed toward the basket). This seems like a minor flaw but it can make a huge different in your consistency. I always tell players to hold their follow through for as long as possible- with BOTH hands. Perhaps it's because of the number of great athletes in the NBA today that following through with 1 hand has become so popular. It's easier because, when landing after shooting, your momentum tends to bring the arms down with you (it's easier to leave up just one hand).


I've found with every player I've ever worked with that holding a 2 hand follow through makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to shoot straight consistently. When dropping the guide hand immediately, upper body alignment gets thrown off. There is only one GREAT shooter in the NBA today who I've noticed tries to ALWAYS hold his follow through with 2 hands: JJ Redick.

Steph and Klay are fairly inconsistent in this regard, sometimes following through with 1 arm or not at all (further proves the point that you can be a great shooter with any technique). But as I always say, you should give yourself the BEST chance possible to make every shot. Try this out and let me know how it works. I've never gotten bad feedback...

By. @PerfectJ


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