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Elbow Placement

September 4, 2017


In my opinion the shooters shown in this collage are a handful of the best shooters right now in the NBA. 


All 4 of these shooters have similar elbow positioning which paves the way for their incredible consistency. One of the things I stress to kids is that wherever the elbow is pointed that is most likely the direction the ball is going to go. This is why so many great shooters are able to come off screens and shoot off balance. While the base (legs/feet) may not always be able to be straight up and down--the elbow can always come back to its natural shooting position. ⚠️⚠️Before I get comments about shooters who have their elbows out--I know. There are exceptions, i understand this. All I am pointing out is that most of the top shooters in the NBA today all share this common characteristic⚠️⚠️

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